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Brand strategist, creative consultant,
social media director.

Hello there! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you'll stay a minute and get to know a bit about my work. If you see something that resonates with you, I invite you to send me a note and start a conversation about what we can create together.


How you share your story with the world matters. You have a unique vision and I'll partner with you to ensure that your business and your message reaches and resonates with your desired audience.  No matter the subject or project, I'll identify and highlight the unique offering that your business brings to the world. Using compelling and authentic content, we will leverage this asset to grow and engage your audience. Take a look below to learn more about the services I offer, and please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.


I offer a range of content strategy services to achieve your brand targets. These strategies contribute to growing your audience size and increasing engagement, which results in cultivating an active community and a strong brand identity. 

     With extensive training in design thinking, I specialize in the creation and art direction of creative assets, as well as paid media campaign implementation strategies. I cultivate holistic marketing plans for maximum brand impact and return on investment, with particular focus on the wellness and travel industries.​



​I make a brand come to life by creating compelling and engaging text and visuals to convey a clear message about your unique offering to your target audience.

     My areas of expertise include long-form content (both print magazine and online article writing), creating paid media marketing copy, book project management and editing, and recipe testing and development. I also specialize in the localization of content, particularly Americanization and Anglicisation of content.

     I am a keen photographer, and my work has been published in major print outlets and online. All images on this site are mine.




Menu of Services

  • Quality content created by an award-winning journalist and editor (blogs, newsletters, brochures, etc.)

  • Brand optimization strategy

  • Website and social media account audits

  • Thought leadership development (white papers, profile pieces, and ghostwritten op-ed articles)

  • Content localization

  • Copywriting for paid media campaigns

  • Social media account management

    Reduced rates and pro-bono options are available for animal welfare nonprofit organizations


Contact me directly to create a plan to invigorate and define your brand identity!


I've been fascinated by stories for as long as I can remember. As soon as I understood what a job was, I knew I wanted to help people connect through writing and sharing stories. I began writing my first book when I was six, started a newspaper in middle school, and worked on the yearbook in high school.
From studying classic literature at university to following all
of the Bravo storylines that Andy Cohen can produce today, I understand the power of creative and engaging storytelling to impact people. I love helping people and companies bring their own narratives to life.

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